Select product, but it’s a savings product for short-to-medium term needs (it can be for 5yrs-10yrs) and only has one pay-out at maturity (doesn’t have flexible pay-outs like Pru Select)

  • Guaranteed return
    – providing all premiums are paid correctly, the product pays the target amount to help you reach your goals – the investment is safe & the return is guaranteed
  • Give your family financial security
    - no matter what happens in your life (death, illness, disability), make sure the dream is achieved
  • Flexibility with pay-outs
    – gives you the ability of multiple pay-outs, meaning that no matter what your savings goal (education, land, mortgage, retirement) this is the right product for you
  • Change in education system
    – with such a wide choice of pay-out options, it’s the only savings product in the industry which can cope with all levels of education & the old-and-new education systems
  • Cancer, heart attack, stroke & other critical illnesses
    – we pay you immediately on diagnosis, and then there’s nothing left to pay for the rest of the product, and at maturity we still pay the guaranteed amount
  • Accidental death
    – because the shock is so sudden, the pay-out at death is doubled, and similar to critical illness, there’s nothing left to pay for the rest of the product, and at maturity we still pay the guaranteed amount
  • NO lapse guarantee
    – if you get into financial difficulty, we won’t lapse your policy, & you can pick-up when you’re ready again

Getting Started 

Step 1

Decide the total savings that you need and the number of years you want to save for.

Step 2

Prudential calculates the regular amount to be saved.

Step 3

Choose to pay monthly, or – to receive a discount – quarterly, semi-annually or annually.

Let us help you get started.

The right decision lasts a lifetime.

A goal without a plan is simply a dream. Get the right plan and get started on achieving your goals.

Great Reviews

100% Satisfied Customers

I'm so surprised Prudential found me. My colleagues and I have all been paid and for that we are grateful.

Imenti Tea Factory

I was shocked that Prudential traced me in my small village. Thank you so much.


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