This is a 10yr-20yr savings product that helps you save for your dreams and protect your family as you focus on living your life. For your long-term savings goals you can start small by making regular affordable contributions. It guarantees that you will achieve your savings goal, even if life throws at you the worst such as critical illness, total and permanent disability.

  • Guaranteed return
    Provided all premiums are paid correctly, the product pays out the target amount to help you reach your goals – your benefits are guaranteed.
  • Gives your family financial security
    No matter life’s circumstances (death, illness or disability), the product makes sure that you or your loved one’s dreams are achieved through continued pay-outs as per the plan selected. In the event of unexpected death caused by accident, the pay-out at death is doubled.
  • Flexibility with payouts
    Gives you the freedom to select the number of pay-outs suitable for your goal. No matter what your savings goal is (education, land, mortgage or retirement) you select how you’d like to receive your benefits.
  • No effect no matter the changes in education systems
    With such a wide choice of pay-out options, it can cope with all levels of education as well as the different education systems.
  • Optional Benefits for cancer, heart attack, stroke & other critical illnesses.
    We pay immediately on first-time diagnosis, after which there will be no further premium payments required for the rest of the policy term. The cash pay-outs will continue as per the selected plan.
  • Optional Benefits for total and permanent disability.
    In case of disability, there’ll be no further premium payments required and the cash pay-outs will continue as per the selected plan.

Getting Started 

Step 1

Decide the total savings that you need and the number of years you want to save for.

Step 2

Prudential calculates the regular amount to be saved.

Step 3

Choose to pay monthly, or – to receive a discount – quarterly, semi-annually or annually.

Total Benefits Payable = 140% + 100% = 240% of sum assured!

Get A Live Demo Of The Product

Select the right future yourself.

Your future is in your hands. Get the right plan with the right timing from Prudential.

Great Reviews

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I'm so surprised Prudential found me. My colleagues and I have all been paid and for that we are grateful.

Imenti Tea Factory

I was shocked that Prudential traced me in my small village. Thank you so much.


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