Prudential Life Assurance Kenya


What is PRU Hospicash?

PRU Hospicash pays you KES 500 per night for every night that you spend in hospital. Hospicash helps protect your income if you were unable to work because of illness.

How do I know that I am covered? When does my cover stop?

Providing monthly premiums are paid, an SMS will be sent during the first week of every month to inform you that you are covered. The cover lasts for 30 days.

How many nights in hospital are covered by PRU Hospicash?

You can stay in hospital for up to thirty (30) nights and still be covered.

What hospitals are available under PRU Hospicash?

All NHIF registered “inpatient” hospitals are permitted – for a full list please see the NHIF website (link:

What treatments are covered?

Any serious accidents and illnesses that require “inpatient” treatment (ie. one or more nights in hospital) are covered.

PRU Hospicash does not cover:

  1. Pregnancy and childbirth-related treatments
  2. Cosmetic treatments


What documents do I need to send to Prudential?

You need to send:

  1. a photo of your National ID card
  2. a photo of the NHIF invoice (showing date of admission and discharge, your name, your ID number).


How do I send the documents to Prudential?

You can send the documents in the following ways:

  1. send the photos to Prudential’s dedicated Hospicash WhatsApp number: 0719075000
  2. Or, email the scanned photos to
  3. Or, take the documents to your nearest Prudential branch


Will I get paid when I am still in hospital?

No. Prudential will need time to process the claim and sometimes follow-up with the hospital directly. We promise to pay claims within 72 hours of submission of complete documentation.