Prudential Life Assurance Kenya

Pru Dahari-Dumu

Prudential Introduces the ‘Never Lapse’ guarantee

This flexible plan combines the benefits of savings and life assurance and allows the insured to take a premium holiday after six months of paying premiums should the need arise. Prudential understands that we cannot predict the future and that this unpredictability can affect our finances. Prudential will keep the policy active after the first six months’ premiums are paid and you may take a premium holiday at any time during which period no premium payments are made to the policy. You can resume premium payments at any time and if you so desire, you can pay the missed premiums at any time. The policy in addition to maturity and death benefits also receives one month’s premium free credit at each policy anniversary if at least 11 monthly premiums are paid when due in the policy year.

Whether you are saving for a child’s education, retirement, land or a wedding, Pru Dahari-Dumu can help you achieve your goal and give you piece of mind that whatever happens, your investment will be secure. The term of between five and ten years is flexible to suit your needs and the policy can be enhanced by selecting optional benefits for critical illness and disability.

The policy continues and you will no longer be responsible for paying premiums (i.e. “waiver of premium) if either critical illness or permanent and total disability is selected and a claim is paid against these benefits.