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About Us: Prudential Life Assurance Kenya

More than 20 million insurance customers around the world have, for over 170 years, trusted us to protect their wealth and grow their assets, and we in return empower our customers to save for their goals.

Our story

Since 1948, Prudential stands as one of the world’s oldest, largest and strongest insurance companies you’ll find in the industry today.

We stay true to our values of being ambitious, empathetic, curious, courageous and nimble which are fundamentally human. These values have helped us stay true to our customers and we have made lasting relationships with over 20 million customers in the UK, US, Asia and Africa.

Founded in London, Prudential has spent over 170 years helping people plan and protect their families futures and building trust in every home and business we serve. These values have helped set our roots deep for a similar relationship with Kenya.

How the story began

Prudential first provided Life Insurance to Kenya in 1930, having set up our East African Business centre in Nairobi.

Our iconic former headquarters, the Prudential Assurance building, constructed in 1959, still stands on Wabera Street in Nairobi.

Our acquisition of Shield Assurance, in 2014, further solidified our footing in Kenya and we continue to fulfil our promise of delivering a brighter future.

The right people. For life.

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