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The ideal way to maintain your lifestyle in retirement

Product Features

Invest for your retirement in a safe and secure growing fund - The Prudential Life Assurance Kenya Guaranteed Fund

The retirement benefits funds and contributions received are invested in the Prudential Life Assurance Kenya guaranteed fund which provides:

  • A guaranteed amount of annual income to investors in form of a guaranteed minimum rate of return/interest.
  • Should market trend downward, your income remains unaffected. When the market performance is good, the value of your investment also increases and so you continue to enjoy this increased level of income due to compounding of interest.
  • You will be able to easily access your accumulated benefits upon retirement, since the fund is easy to liquidate.
Benefits of a Guarantee Fund Investment
  1. Minimum guaranteed rate of annual return.
  2. Prudential bears all the investments risks on your behalf.
  3. Prudential is responsible for investment of the funds.
  4. The guaranteed fund ensures that the capital value of your funds and contributions is guaranteed, and that there is a consistent smooth growth of your investment over time.
  5. It is a cost effective solution due to achieved economies of scale.
Prudential Life Assurance Kenya Guaranteed Fund Returns
Financial Year20192020202120222023
Annual rate of return8.00%(6 months)12.00%12.00%10.00%10.5%

Product Benefits

All in One customized
All in One customized product

Tax relief and exemptions on contributions and investment income

Guaranteed cash pay-outs
Guaranteed cash pay-outs

Receive a guaranteed investment return of 5%

Access to a mortgage
Access to a mortgage facility

Provision for home purchase using your retirement savings

Retire in style
Retire in style

Secure finances to maintain your lifestyle in retirement

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  • Scheme Categories
    Standalone occupational scheme

    Set up by a sponsor/organization for the benefit of its employees. This is exclusive to the staff members of the organization and it is registered with the Retirement Benefits Authority as a separate single entity.

    PLAK Umbrella Retirement Benefits scheme

    Admits employers and lets them choose the level and type of benefits the employees shall enjoy as set out in the deed of adherence

    • The main purpose of the scheme is to provide retirement benefits to members on retirement and relief to the dependents of the members in the unfortunate event of their demise.
    • The scheme also provides relief to members in the event of job loss.
    • Other benefits available from the scheme include ill health retirement benefits as well as benefits on grounds of emigration from Kenya without the intention of residing back in the country.
    • The scheme assets are invested in a guaranteed fund.
    • Each participating organization gets to select their preferred rate of contribution
    Benefits of Joining the PLAK Umbrella Retirement Benefits Scheme
    • It saves the Employer from the hassles of administering a retirement benefits scheme.
    • It enables the organization to concentrate on its core business.
    • The schemes under management enjoy reduced COSTS due to economies of scale
    • The Scheme is Tax exempted. This ensures that the members of the participating organization get to enjoy the tax incentives offered under the Income Tax Act.
    • Scheme is registered and regulated by the Retirement Benefit Authority.
    • Helps the employer in retention of motivated workforce arising from an attractive retirement package.
    Other Features
    • It is simple and secure. Each member is allocated an account and a unique member number, to which contributions are credited.
    • Savings plan that earns attractive annual interest.
    • Transfers from other registered Pension Plans into this plan are allowed.
    • Members get an annual statement of their benefits which they could also access via the Prudential members portal on real time basis.
    • The scheme is NSSF Act, 2013 compliant and will facilitate the opting out process for the organization.

    PLAK Individual and group personal retirement benefits plan

    An employer may sensitize its members to join a Personal Pension plan with the option of the employer also contributing towards the member’s retirement benefits.

    Similarly, one can establish a personal retirement arrangement that they run at an individual capacity – IPP.

    How to join this Scheme
    • Complete a membership application form and provide a copy of your national identity card and PIN.
    • You can transfer your retirement benefits from your previous scheme to this Scheme.
    • One will be issued with a policy document after paying your first contribution to the Scheme.
    • One may contribute to the scheme on a monthly, quarterly, half yearly or yearly.
    Benefits of Joining a Personal Pension Scheme
    • No set up fee
    • No requirement for appointment of trustees and service providers
    • No administrative involvement for employers
    • Enjoy tax incentives since the scheme is registered with KRA
    • Members can start contributing immediately
    • The Scheme will be credited with investment income on a compound basis.
    • A member can vary contribution levels as per financial circumstances
    • Good for benefits consolidation from past employer schemes
    Other features
    • Members get an annual statement of their benefits which they could also access via the Prudential members portal on real time basis.
    • The scheme is NSSF Act, 2013 compliant and will facilitate the opting out process for the organization.
  • Join Scheme

    To join the Retirement Benefits Scheme, you will be required to complete a Member Joining Form and provide the details required in the form.

  • Make Contributions

    You can make your contributions through the following channels:


    Paybill No 4090751

    Account No is your National ID No./ PassPort No. or Your Member No.

    Bank Transfers

    Account Name - Prudential Life Assurance Kenya Ltd Deposit Administration

    Bank Name - Stanbic Bank Bank

    Branch - Chiromo

    Name - Prudential Life Assurance Kenya Ltd A/c no :0100006269847

  • Scheme Service Providers

    Here is the team of service providers that works with us to ensure the success of the Individual Retirement Benefits Scheme.


    Kingsland Court Trustee Services Limited.

    Approved Issuer (Fund Manager & Custodian)

    Prudential Life Assurance Kenya Limited.

    Administrator (Fund Manager & Custodian.)

    Zamara Actuaries, Administrators & Consultants Limited. Account No. 0105040476602

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