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The cover that keeps you earning when you can’t

Product Features

Getting hospitalized is inevitable, yet undeniably necessary if the Doctor says so. But if you risk earning an income while at it, then signing up for the PRUHospicash could be your best option.

  • Age limit at entry - 18 - 65 years
  • Can also cover:
    • Your spouse aged 18 - 65 years.
    • Your children aged 1 month - 18 years.
    • School-going children above 18 years, and not older than 24 (years may be covered, subject to proof of school attendance.)
    • Your parents and parents-in-law aged 18 - 65 years.
  • Cover for listed family members (spouse, children parents, and parents-in-law) cannot exceed the principal life assured’s benefits.
  • Life assured’s attainment age for the principal life assured, spouse, parents, and parents-in-law at 66 years.
  • Life assured’s attainment age for children - 18 or 25 for school-going children (with proof of school attendance)

Product Benefits

Flexible payment plan
Flexible payment plan

Choose the plan that suits you and your family from the options below:

Affordable Premium
Affordable Premium

Payable yearly

Protect your loved ones
Protect your loved ones

The whole family is covered

Full month cover
Full month cover

Get paid for every day in the hospital for up to 30 days

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  • Product Benefits

    These benefits will be payable for a maximum of 30 days (maximum benefit) in the policy year

    CategoryAge in yearsMaximum Daily Benefit
    Main member plus the spouse18-5520,000
    ChildrenLess than 18 years10,000
    Parents & parents in lawLess than 65 years10,000
  • Product Plans

    Choose the plan that suits you and your family from the options below:

    • 0-day exclusion plan, where the benefits are paid from the first day of hospitalisation.
    • 1-day exclusion plan, where the benefits are paid from the second day of hospitalisation.
    • 2-day exclusion plan, where the benefits are paid from the third day of hospitalisation.
  • Waiting Period

    There is a waiting period of 3 months;

    • When the cover is starting or when it is being reinstated.
    • If hospitalisation is due to injuries from an accident, then there will be no waiting period.
    • No waiting period is applied if renewal is made within one month from the previous cover period.
  • Claim Documentation
    • Proof of enrolment/application for group cover.
    • Complete claim form executed by the principal life assured and authorized group representative for group covers.
    • Certified copy of identity documents of hospitalized covered life and principal life assured (ID/Passport for adult members and children’s birth certificate)
    • Official hospital document (admission and discharge summary) issued by the NHIF accredited hospital.
    • Official hospital invoice summary issued by the NHIF accredited hospital.
    • Claimant’s bank details and supporting bank document for claims settlement
    • Any other document or reports which Prudential deems important to assess the claim.
  • Exclusions

    The following is a list of exclusions, meaning, any claim that arises from the occurrences below will not be paid.

    • Depending on the plan type, the first, or the first and second night will not qualify for the hospital cash benefit.
    • Hospitalization for elective surgery, including cosmetic surgery.
    • Hospitalization due to childbirth.
    • Hospitalization due to injuries arising from active participation in political unrest, war, riots, military action, terrorist activities, civil uprising, or insurrection.
    • Hospitalization arising from abuse of alcohol and narcotics, inhalation of gas, wilful exposure to radioactivity, self-inflicted injury, attempted suicide (whether sane or insane at the time), wilful consumption of poison, or drug overdose (whether prescribed by a medical practitioner or not).
    • Hospitalization due to injuries arising from participation in dangerous sports and recreation activities such as horse riding, mountaineering, hunting, motor racing, powerboat racing or fighting.
    • Hospitalization arising from any act committed by life assured which constitutes a violation of criminal law.
    • Hospitalization for the treatment of pre-existing conditions which had been diagnosed prior to the commencement of the policy.
  • Important notes
    • Children, spouses, parents, and parents-in-law benefits cannot exceed the main principal member’s Daily benefits.
    • No medical underwriting is required.
    • Increase or decrease in benefits will only happen when the policy is being renewed.
    • In the event of death of the main principal member during the year, cover shall continue for the rest of the family members until the end of the cover year for covers paid annually.

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